IBCollector Features

IBCollector is a tool for Interactive Brokers (IB) customers which automates the downloading and storage of historical data from IB historical data servers. Connections are made to one or more instances of TWS via the IB TWS API to lookup contract details and download historical data.

Features of IBCollector include:

  • Download Wizard automating the process of downloading contract information, specifying data series, and requesting historical data downloads
  • Background IBCollector Queue Engine supporting multithreaded downloads from multiple instances of TWS (use your papertrading account with your primary account to spend less time waiting for data)
  • Automated contract details lookup (with full support for expired futures contracts)
  • Generation of customizable continuous futures contracts with a choice of backadjustment methods and rollover methods
  • Automated updating of historical data based on a user-defined schedule, or on-demand
  • Prioritized downloading based on user-defined priorities
  • Highly customizable used-defined ASCII exports of data and continuous futures
  • Advanced export filtering based on user-defined regular trading hours using market time

For a more in depth listing of all the features of IBCollector, please view the online web help:
IBCollector Web Help